Centers of Excellence

Attendees at a regional COE meeting in Georgia.

TB DIAH is working with local partners to create regional Centers of Excellence (COEs) to improve and harness existing TB data and expand regional knowledge sharing. The COEs will be completely virtual—an online hub employing virtual trainings, webinars, and other resources to engage those in the COE network. 

Each COE will contribute to TB monitoring and evaluation (M&E) research, dissemination, expertise building and knowledge sharing within its region, and will serve as a regional model for best practices in TB M&E and surveillance.

The COEs will also help improve the COE country’s TB data reporting, communication, and sharing for their own effective decision-making. Each COE will be the hub for TB DIAH support in its region to ensure synergy, sustainability, and effective use of resources. It will function as a learning lab for the project, and TB DIAH will help its COE partners document their experiences with identifying and addressing identified areas for improvement within their TB M&E systems as reference for other countries to learn from and build upon. COE countries are determined using a highly detailed and objective selection criteria that considers factors such as the country’s TB M&E system and capacity for data generation and analysis, among others. In June 2022, TB DIAH helped launch the COE for Eastern Europe, based in Georgia. Two additional regionals COEs are being planned, one in sub-Saharan Africa, and one in Asia.

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