The Tuberculosis Data, Impact Assessment and Communications Hub (TB DIAH) project is one of the first awards associated with the United States Agency for International Development’s (USAID’s) launch of the Global Accelerator to End Tuberculosis. TB DIAH will further the work of the Accelerator business model, focusing on performance-based measures for combating TB. TB DIAH and the Accelerator will catalyze investments across multiple countries and sectors to end the epidemic while building country self-reliance.

TB DIAH is a five-year project with a ceiling of $36 million, funded by USAID. It works to improve and harness existing data on tuberculosis and expand knowledge sharing regarding TB worldwide.

What the TB DIAH project does

  • Strengthens collection, analysis, and use of routine and nonroutine TB data.
  • Improves performance-based monitoring and evaluation (M&E) frameworks and information gathering. This includes improved design and implementation of tools, methods, and technical guidance to meet user needs.
  • Strengthens reporting and communication about methods, tools, and approaches.

What we are creating

Our performance-based management system is an interactive, one-stop, online and interactive communications repository and data hub for TB data users that will:

  • Enable USAID, NTPs, and TB experts to find, download, and query or analyze TB data for maximizing and synergizing investments toward ending TB.
  • Identify data sources, resources, and systems in USAID priority countries to help missions and programs monitor progress toward country goals and global targets.
  • Be a decision-support tool for country data users and managers on investment, policy, research, and operations.
  • Provide templates of easy-to-use, interactive dashboards and data visualizations of TB data that countries can adapt for data analysis, M&E, and reporting.
  • Provide curated best practices, information, and materials for stronger data reporting and increased data analysis and use in this communications repository.
  • Enable TB DIAH communications repository and TB data hub users to share methods, tools, and approaches.

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC) leads the TB DIAH project in partnership with John Snow, Inc. (JSI). TB DIAH is an Associate Award to MEASURE Evaluation—a USAID project with five partners: ICF, JSI, Management Sciences for Health (MSH), Palladium, and Tulane University.

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