Women gather grass for hand-sewn rugs in Phoshiri Village, Limpopo Province, South Africa. Photo by Andrew Bernish, courtesy of Photoshare.

South Africa

National Tuberculosis Management Guidelines 2014
South African National Department of Health (2014)

A Survey on Use of Rapid Tests and Tuberculosis Diagnostic Practices by Primary Health Care Providers in South Africa: Implications for the Development of New Point-of-Care Tests

The economic burden of TB diagnosis and treatment in South Africa

Against All Odds: Diagnosing Tuberculosis in South Africa

Availability and quality of routine morbidity data: review of studies in South Africa

Challenges of Biobanking in South Africa to Facilitate Indigenous Research in an Environment Burdened with Human Immunodeficiency Virus, Tuberculosis, and Emerging Noncommunicable Diseases

Chronic airflow obstruction and respiratory symptoms following tuberculosis: a review of South African studies

Could an increase in vigilance for spinal tuberculosis at primary health care level, enable earlier diagnosis at district level in a tuberculosis endemic country?

Determining quantitative targets for public funding of tuberculosis research and development

Health-related quality of life and its association with medication adherence in active pulmonary tuberculosis– a systematic review of global literature with focus on South Africa

HIV and tuberculosis in prisons in sub-Saharan Africa

Impact of the GeneXpert MTB/RIF Technology on Tuberculosis Control

Incentives and enablers to improve adherence in tuberculosis

Intermittent versus daily therapy for treating tuberculosis in children

Interventions to increase tuberculosis case detection at primary healthcare or community‐level services

Isoniazid for preventing tuberculosis in HIV‐infected children

Potential Market for Novel Tuberculosis Diagnostics: Worth the Investment?

Predictors of cure among HIV co-infected multidrug-resistant TB patients at Sizwe Tropical Disease Hospital Johannesburg, South Africa

Space-time confounding adjusted determinants of child HIV/TB mortality for large zero-inflated data in rural South Africa

Tuberculosis control has failed in South Africa–time to reappraise strategy

Tuberculosis preventive therapy: An underutilised strategy to reduce individual risk of TB and contribute to TB control

Joint Review of HIV, TB and PMTCT Programmes in South Africa: Main Report
World Health Organization – Joint HIV, TB and PMTCT Review Steering Committee (2014)

South Africa Demographic and Health Survey 2016

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