NTP Website Activity

TB DIAH is collaborating with USAID Missions and national TB programs (NTPs) to improve NTP websites in order to increase TB program transparency and the public availability of key TB information. 

TB DIAH began this activity by assessing each NTP’s website’s performance against relevant indicators in the PBMEF and the specific criteria of the Governance Report, and identified solutions to address any areas of shortcoming. The project is currently working with select countries’ NTPs to prioritize and address identified gaps, with the objective of improving the availability of key TB information to the public.

TB DIAH’s support to the NTPs will vary depending on factors including the NTP’s interest in the activity, the complexity of the identified changes, and the NTP’s capacity to enact changes without support.

Some countries may only need to be made aware of a document or data set missing from their otherwise robust website. Others may wish to have more extensive and hands-on website development support.

Support may include, but is not limited to:

  • Local web developer identification
  • Web development capacity building
  • Website design and development
  • Maintenance plan development
  • Content collation
  • Graphic design

In 2021, USAID and the Stop TB Partnership issued their Governance of TB Programmes report, assessing the governance of TB programs in high TB burden countries. The report established baselines for NTPs in four thematic areas, including transparency. In coming years, this annual report will monitor countries’ transparency, inclusiveness, efficiency and effectiveness, and legal framework to measure and prioritize strengthened governance in USAID TB priority countries.

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