Men in an alley in Varanasi, India. Photo by Adam Cohn, courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons.


Cost effectiveness of decentralised care model for managing MDR-TB in India

Declining trend of resistance to first-line anti-tubercular drugs in clinical isolates of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in a tertiary care north Indian hospital after implementation of revised national Tuberculosis control programme 

India’s plan to eliminate tuberculosis by 2025: converting rhetoric into reality

Socio-demographic profile and outcome of TB patients registered at DTC Rewa of Central India

Treatment outcome of extrapulmonary tuberculosis under Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme

Undernutrition and the incidence of tuberculosis in India: national and subnational estimates of the population-attributable fraction related to undernutrition

Intermittent versus daily therapy for treating tuberculosis in children

Interventions to increase tuberculosis case detection at primary healthcare or community‐level services

Potential Market for Novel Tuberculosis Diagnostics: Worth the Investment?

Meta-analysis of Indian studies evaluating adenosine deaminase for diagnosing tuberculous pleural effusion

Impact of isoniazid resistance on virulence of global and south Indian clinical isolates of Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Pulmonary tuberculosis among tribals in India: A systematic review & meta-analysis

The Tuberculosis Cascade of Care in India’s Public Sector: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

Quality of tuberculosis care in India: a systematic review

Rapid molecular diagnostics for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis in India

Extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis in India: a review

Prevalence of drug-resistant pulmonary tuberculosis in India: systematic review and meta-analysis

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