The TB Performance-based Monitoring and Evaluation Framework

The Performance-based Monitoring and Evaluation Framework (PBMEF) is a key component of USAID ’s effort to ensure accountability for effective use of investments in tuberculosis (TB) programs at the global, regional, country, and project levels and accelerate progress to end the TB epidemic. The PBMEF was developed as a comprehensive tool by TB DIAH , in collaboration with USAID, to help USAID Missions, USAID implementing partners (IPs) and advisors, national governments’ health ministries, and national TB programs (NTPs) track progress against TB in a country and improve the measurement of critical TB program results.

The PBMEF streamlines and prioritizes indicators for monitoring progress toward global TB milestones and targets in USAID’s bilaterally-supported TB countries. It underpins USAID’s Global TB Strategy 2023-2030 and is fully aligned with the World Health Organization (WHO) End TB Strategy 2015-2030 and the Stop TB Partnership’s Global Plan to End TB 2023-2030, as well as the commitments and targets set at the United Nations High-Level Meeting (UNHLM) in 2023 on ending TB.

The updated 2024 PBMEF Framework

In 2021, the PBMEF was introduced in the publication Navigating Tuberculosis Indicators: A Guide for TB Programs. Since that time, the WHO developed new guidelines on TB surveillance and updated the definitions of some of the “standard” TB indicators. Additionally, the UNHLM on TB articulated a new set of bold commitments and targets, and USAID released its new Global TB Strategy (2023-2030) with its 90-90-90 + prevention results framework and strategic objectives of reach, cure, prevent, innovate, and sustain. The End TB Now Act of 2023 (ETNA) was also introduced in the U.S. Congress, which, upon passing, will bring additional and greatly expanded reporting requirements.

To address these changes, TB DIAH is working with USAID and its advisors and partners through the TB Data Special Interest Group (TB Data SIG) to update the PBMEF.

Interim PBMEF Tuberculosis Indicator Compendium

Provides an updated PBMEF Essential Indicators List (EIL) organized across four levels: Core, Core Plus, National Level, and Project Level (see below for descriptions) and corresponding standard indicator reference sheet (IRS) for USAID staff, National TB Program (NTP) managers, monitoring and evaluation (M&E) staff, TB advisors, and IPs. The publication is intended to make the EIL, comprising the Core, Core Plus, National Level, and Project Level categories of indicators, and their corresponding indicator reference sheets available as quickly as possible while the broader revision is still in progress.

The Interim PBMEF TB Indicator Matrix complements the Interim PBMEF TB Indicator Compendium. This document is an Excel version of a static table that appears in the compendium and is provided for ease of using the table, as it can be used to search, sort and filter PBMEF indicators by category, previous indicator number, PBMEF level, indicator name and short name, or WHO variable(s).

TB Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) Plan Template and Guidance

Includes the TB MEL plan template with instructions, an example of a completed sample MEL plan, and a blank template for implementing partners (IPs) to draft their own MEL plans for TB activities.

Navigating Tuberculosis Indicators: A Guide for TB Programs

The original PBMEF, along with supporting materials, can be found below. Although these resources are no longer the most current version, they may still be useful to interested readers and will remain accessible until the revised version launches in Spring 2024. Please refer to the information in the Interim PBMEF Tuberculosis Indicator Compendium linked above for the most current information on the essential list of indicators. The information in that document supersedes what can be found in the information linked below.

PBMEF Guide (Also available in Portuguese, French, and Russian)
Two-Page Overview (Also available in Portuguese, French, and Russian)
Four-Page Overview (Also available in Portuguese, French, and Russian)

Click here to explore the 2021 online PBMEF, its indicators, and resultant data.

Updated PBMEF TB Indicator Guide

Practical guidance for selecting, using, and reporting relevant TB indicators.

Updated PBMEF TB Indicator Compendium

A full list of TB indicators and standard indicator reference sheets (IRS).

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