M&E and Surveillance Systems Assessment (MESSA)

The M&E and Surveillance Systems Assessment (MESSA) documents the current status of the TB M&E and surveillance systems in each of the USAID TB priority countries.

MESSA profiles for 23 USAID TB priority countries were developed through desk review of all relevant documents and guidelines for each of the countries that were available online. A MESSA tool was developed to facilitate this desk review. The tool covered topics such as TB service delivery and TB MIS overview, including the system map, TB M&E system governance, laboratory and logistics for TB, data quality, use and communication and TB program financing. The information gathered was synthesized to develop country profiles that provided a highly nuanced understanding of specific elements of the country’s TB M&E and surveillance system.

In conjunction with the ARC, MESSA results help USAID and NTPs identify strategies to strengthen generation, reporting and use of TB data. The findings of the MESSA also contribute significantly to each country’s STEP process.   

MESSA country profile reports are available with a password on the TB DIAH Data Hub for USAID and NTPs to use.

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