CLAimHealth: Collaborating, Learning, and Adapting for Improved Health Activity Final Report: FY 2021 TB Data Validation Activity in NCR, Region III, and Region IV-A
Citation: USAID/Philippines Collaborating, Learning, and Adapting for Improved Health (CLAimHealth) Activity. October 2021. Final Report: 2021 TB Data Validation Activity in Selected Sites: NCR, Region III, and Region IV-A
Abstract: A data validation activity, conducted by USAID Collaborating, Learning, and Adapting For Improved Health, was conducted in September 2021 as part of its mandate to support the USAID/Philippines Office of Health (OH) in data quality assurance of performance data used by the Health Project (HP)

This data validation exercise aimed to: 1) follow up on the findings and recommendations of the FY 2020 TB DQA; 2) validate reported performance data on selected tuberculosis (TB) indicators for the period of quarter (Q)1 and Q2 calendar year (CY) 2021 in selected health facilities; 3) observe and review data management systems for selected TB indicators; 4) identify issues and challenges in ensuring data quality of selected TB indicators; and 5) recommend interventions to improve the data quality of TB

Key findings include:

Recording and Reporting System

- Not all facilities have access to Integrated TB Information System (ITIS) and supply of National TB Control Program (NTP) Manual of Procedures Version 6 (MOP 6) forms. As a result, some areas do not encode at the facility level. For instance, San Juan City only encodes TB data at the city level.

- A third of respondents have data entry backlogs due to COVID-19 related activities.

- Data for contact investigation were captured by treatment cards but were not encoded in the NTP’s ITIS

Training on the use of ITIS

- Many health workers have been oriented but were not trained on MOP 6.

- Some health workers find ITIS version 2 more difficult to encode compared with the previous version.

- Some health workers who recently took on the task of recording and reporting the data were unfamiliar with the overall process and required training, specifically on MOP 6.
Author(s): USAID
Year: 2021
Language: English
Resource Type: Reports
Source: United States Agency for International Development
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