Operational Research Capacity Building Training for Cambodia’s National TB Program (CENAT)
Abstract: In 2022, Cambodia’s National Center for Tuberculosis and Leprosy Control (CENAT) requested support from TB DIAH to conduct a situational analysis of TB research in Cambodia to identify the barriers, supports, and resources available for TB research in the country; to assess the research capacity of CENAT and its stakeholders; and to collect TB research conducted in Cambodia as a reference for developing research guidelines and protocols and a capacity building plan for CENAT research team.

An initial desk review identified several gaps, including the fact that despite an overall increase in the number of research publications on HIV, TB, and malaria, there were fewer studies on TB (16%) than HIV (43%) or malaria (41%) from 2000–2015. TB research was also found to be the most homogeneous in terms of methodology, comprised largely of observational epidemiologic studies (44%) and literature reviews (12%). TB DIAH developed this set of five training modules on conducting operational research for CENAT researchers as part of the response to these findings.

Module 1: https://www.tbdiah.org/resources/publications/curriculum-for-module-1-khmer/

Module 2: https://www.tbdiah.org/resources/publications/curriculum-for-module-2-khmer/

Module 3: https://www.tbdiah.org/resources/publications/curriculum-for-module-3-khmer/

Module 4: https://www.tbdiah.org/resources/publications/curriculum-for-module-4-khmer/

Module 5: https://www.tbdiah.org/resources/publications/curriculum-for-module-5-khmer/
Year: 2023
Language: Cambodian/Khmer
Region(s): CAMBODIA
Resource Type: Guidance and Tools
Source: TB DIAH
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