Stakeholder Data Use and Dissemination Planning Tool: An Example from a Research Study in Haiti: Final Report
Abstract: An essential component of any public health research study is the effective translation of scientific findings into knowledge used by policy makers, practitioners, and other scientists. Effective knowledge translation is important to avoid the know-do gap, where useful scientific results fail to link to policy or programmatic action. The engagement of stakeholders by researchers is a process that can help prevent the know-do gap. Within the established steps of stakeholder engagement, fostering interaction among stakeholders about data use early in the project life cycle helps researchers plan for the effective dissemination of findings. This brief presents a tool that is administered during study sensitization meetings with stakeholders. Its purpose is to elicit the information needed to develop an effective data use and dissemination plan.
Shortname: tl-19-24
Author(s): MEASURE Evaluation
Year: 2019
Language: English
Resource Type: Guidance and Tools
Source: MEASURE Evaluation
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