Generic programmatic and clinical guide for the introduction of new drugs and shorter regimen for treatment of multi/extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis
Abstract: This document describes the steps necessary to implement the shorter regimen and the new drugs for drug-resistant TB treatment including diagnosis and bacterial confirmation of drug resistance, treatment regimen design, monitoring of treatment efficacy and safety, and programmatic evaluation.

Countries that will introduce a shorter regimen and new drugs will need to follow this programmatic and clinical guide (guide) and adapt to their local settings. Highlighted text displays the sections that minimally require additions and adaptations of the guide.

The guide is also valid for countries that will introduce the new drugs but not the shorter regimen for M/XDR-TB treatment or vice versa; they may take out the text sections related to the shorter regimen or the new drugs, respectively.
Author(s): Challenge TB, KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation
Year: 2017
Language: English
Resource Type: Guidance and Tools
Source: Challenge TB
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