Overview of the Performance-Based Monitoring and Evaluation Framework for Tuberculosis
Citation: The Performance-Based Monitoring and Evaluation Framework (PBMEF) is a comprehensive indicator tool. It can help USAID Mission staff working on tuberculosis (TB), and national governments, ministries of health, implementing partners (IPs), and national TB programs (NTPs), track progress against TB targets in their country and manage USAID’s TB investments all in one place. This systematic monitoring and evaluation (M&E) framework contains 10 high-level core indicators selected to provide standard comparisons across USAID’s 23 TB-priority countries and reflects the investments of USAID and the global TB community. The framework’s objective is to offer a standardized approach to measurement and reporting to strengthen the use of data for decision making by NTPs. This brief provides an overview of the PBMEF. Access additional PBMEF resources.
Shortname: fs-20-508-tb
Author(s): TB DIAH
Year: 2020
Language: English
Resource Type: Briefs
Source: TB DIAH
Filed under: Framework, Indicators, PBMEF, TB
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