Quality of Tuberculosis Services Assessment in Congo: Report
Citation: Chauffour, J., Kaswa, M., Wembanyama, H., Herrera, E., Mbuyi, S., Kibadi, R., Kabuayi, J.P., Lee, C. (2024). Quality of Tuberculosis Services Assessment in the Democratic Republic of the Congo: Report. Chapel Hill, NC, USA: TB DIAH, University of North Carolina.
Abstract: The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) Quality of Tuberculosis Services Assessment (QTSA) aimed to evaluate the quality of tuberculosis (TB) prevention, diagnosis, and treatment services implemented by the National TB and Leprosy program in the DRC. Efforts to monitor and improve quality of health services are of utmost value to people with TB, who are the direct beneficiaries of better-quality care. Evidence suggests that high-quality healthcare during a specific health episode may encourage people with TB to continue and complete treatment and seek care for future illnesses. Measuring and assessing quality of care demonstrates to the health system, healthcare providers and other key stakeholders, including the Ministry of Health, that quality is an important component of the program, and thus sets the bar high for improving staff performance. Finally, when an intervention to improve quality of care is complemented with the regular measurement of quality, the information that is generated can help identify trends, assess whether or not interventions are implemented as planned, identify gaps in quality, and inform future program strategies.

The DRC QTSA report provides a comprehensive overview of the state of TB services and care in the DRC, highlights both strengths and challenges in the delivery of TB services and provides key recommendations for improvement.

This report is also available in French. Ce rapport est aussi disponible en français : https://www.tbdiah.org/resources/publications/enquete-sur-la-qualite-des-services-de-tuberculose-en-rdc-rapport/

This assessment was conducted alongside a data quality review (DQR). Access the DQR technical report : https://www.tbdiah.org/resources/publications/tuberculosis-dqr-in-drc-report/

Access the QTSA-DQR tools used in the DRC: https://www.tbdiah.org/resources/publications/quality-of-tuberculosis-services-assessment-in-congo-tools/
Shortname: TR-23-507 TB
Author(s): Chauffour, J., Kaswa, M., Wembanyama, H., Herrera, E., Mbuyi, S., Kibadi, R., Kabuayi, J.P., Lee, C.
Year: 2024
Language: English
Resource Type: Reports
Source: TB DIAH
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