Tuberculosis Data Quality Review in Congo: Infographic
Abstract: The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) faces a high tuberculosis (TB) incidence and challenges in TB management and elimination. Reliable, timely, and complete data on TB cases, drug resistance, and outcomes are key to improving and adapting TB elimination efforts to the needs of affected areas. To assess the quality of TB data and the performance of reporting systems in the country, the Tuberculosis Data, Impact Assessment and Communications Hub (TB DIAH) project conducted a TB Data Quality Review (DQR) with the objectives of assessing the components and functionality of the TB information system to generate high-quality TB data and reviewing and validating indicator data for selected TB indicators for a specific reporting period. These infographics share findings from the DRC DQR.

This infographic is also available in French. Cette brochure est aussi disponible en français :

This DQR was conducted alongside a quality of TB services assessment (QTSA). Access the QTSA infographic:
Author(s): TB DIAH
Year: 2024
Language: English
Resource Type: Infographics
Source: TB DIAH
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